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Is there a series out there that you absolutely adore, but for some reason no one else has ever heard of it? A series that, no matter the character or pairing or scenario, you get so excited to see art/fic of because you can’t believe there’s anyone besides yourself or your circle of friends that has actually heard of it? Or maybe you’re looking to broaden your horizons and want to try watching/reading/playing something new.

If so, then OBSCURE FANDOM WEEK is for you!

From Sunday, October 16 to Saturday, October 22 I’d like to invite everyone to join me in producing content for those little known fandoms. Once each day during Obscure Fandom Week, I’ll be drawing a piece of fanart for 7 different series that I’d like to promote. However, feel free to create whatever kind of content you’d like! (Art, fic, music, amv, fst, sculpture, cosplay…. anything is welcome!) You can post once a day or twenty times a day, participate every day or just one day, promote that one special obscure series or as many as you can think of!

Along with the content you develop, please include the title of the series and tag your work #OFW2011 !!! You don’t want to go through all the trouble of creating something for people never to see your work or learn what it’s from! Also feel free to include a synopsis, links to where people can find the series if it’s available online, or personal reviews on the series.

The point of Obscure Fandom Week is to give everyone an excuse to make content for that series that no one has ever heard of and to spread the love and get people interested in things they never knew they needed in their lives! I hope all of you will join me during Obscure Fandom Week!

Even if you don’t think you’ll participate, please reblog and spread the word! I’m sure some of your followers would love to join!

Hey, hey Melissa hey, hey, guess what we should do! 

and not just that one Drakengard, too.

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Hnnngh get on my blog this instant.

Hnnngh get on my blog this instant.

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Please take a quick, quick moment out of your tumblr lives to pass on this information.

A dear friend of mine, Dezi, has been experiencing some major health issues in her life. She’s been in need of medical attention for years, to my understanding, and hasn’t been able to afford it. She’s at a point in her life where she can’t wait any longer to have these medical issues be addressed.

The best place to get the rest of the information is from her website:

I can’t stress enough how absolutely sweet she is. I’ve never seen her be maliciously selfish at all in the time I’ve known her, and she’s always greeted me with love, affection, kindness, sincerity, and a smile above all else.

She has to raise $10,510.50 by Tuesday in order to receive the medical attention she desperately needs.

I don’t have a donation link, unfortunately, but I’m sure if you sneak on over to her page and ask she’ll have more information to provide to you.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Infanta Winter Coat by

Aaaaah. Reblogging because I saw this before, loved it to death, and now it has more photos and credit. This is so gorgeous.

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i’m reading this book to my kids.

The audio book is a must have too. It’s read by Samuel L. Jackson, and it’s fucking fantastic. 

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Yet all of you can afford cameras to take these pictures and computers to post this all over.
I’m reading the 99% secret things. Your reasons to be pissy and mad at upper-class Americans are stupid. Sorry you weren’t HANDED your education for free. I am sorry you actually have to have a job while going to school. Yes, does it suck that well-off families can just hand educations to their kids. Unless they won the lottery or inherited their money, chances are their parents worked their asses off to get good jobs to be able to give their kids that. I am sorry, but it feels like I live in a society of people who want shit just HANDED to them.

Do you know why I work and go to school? Because I didn’t apply for more grants/scholarships that I am sure I could have gotten. My parents wanted new TVs, big Christmases and new cars rather then putting money away for my education. I wanted to blow cash away on friends rather then set it aside when I worked in highschool. It’s NO ONES fault but my own that I have to work and go to school.


I worked when I went to school. I could only afford college because I worked as hard as I could to earn scholarships. I paid out of pocket as much as I could, and took out loans for the rest because I honestly believed that going to a good school and training to be the best I could be would help me land a job. And yet, here I am, without a job in my field, and only able to afford health insurance because my mother had a fantastic plan that came with her job.

Stop judging other people based your perceptions and spending instead of focusing on the problems at hand. Constantly rising college tuition prices are the problem. The fact that most graduates are in unforgivable debt and cannot find jobs to pay it off is a problem. The fact that our country is considering letting debt collectors call cell phones is a problem. The fact that the unemployment rate is still on the rise is a problem. The fact that health insurance is so expensive that people are choosing between their lives and years of debt is a problem. 

None of these problems could be fixed by people curbing spending, or giving up their computers or their cameras. Frankly, I think you’re only upset because those same cameras and computers give them a voice to speak up and say it’s wrong that they, and so many other people, are in this situation.

Do you honestly, truly, in your heart think that it’s not messed up that people can go to college, can take risks, can do everything right according to the script we are all fed, and then, after all that, they are left unemployed with no hope and no future? Do you believe it is right that people die just because they cannot afford to pay for medical care? Do you honestly believe that this isn’t something that should be changed? 

But by all means, focus on their cameras and computers. That’s obviously the most important thing happening here.

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This should be reposted and reblogged.

Reblog and reblog and reblog dont stop reblogging, dont let this go away, truth in media fucking finally

The fact any of this was said on a major american news network is shocking to me. Reblog and keep reblogging. Fuck the cops

People need to see this.

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My tablet still hasn’t arrived. I’d been contacting UPS and assuming they lost the package, since I had a order number from Wacom as well as confirmation that my payment went through. After getting nowhere with that, I contacted the Wacom sales department. Apparently, they called me several times, left messages, and then cancelled my order when I didn’t respond. 

I never got a single call. The thing is, I know I gave them the right number, since it’s right on their records. The number is a landline, and not a cell phone, so I’m not sure how it wouldn’t have gone through. On top of that, I don’t even know why they would have been calling when the address was correct, and the money definitely went through. What a mess. 

It looks like I’m going to have to re-order, but I don’t want to do that until the charge vanishes from my account. I don’t have the money to be charged twice. So, it’s going to be an even longer wait. I am so, so sorry. 

If you have a commission with me, I am opening traditional commissions. Anyone other than aldersprig, whose commissions are about 90% complete, is welcome to switch theirs to a traditional commission free of charge. I’ll even ship it to you for free. Traditional commissions will be small (4in x 6 in) unless you’re on the special commission list, and they can be laminated if you’d like.

 Once again, I thank you for your patience. You’ve all been wonderful.




ahahaa, beautiful and ever so slightly creepy.

If anyone hasn’t seen this yet. Is that possible?

The colors and movement are so beautiful, oh my god. Such great story telling too!

Fuck it, I’m making a post on this


Now as I’ve said before I don’t watch Adventure Time, though I intend to. I mean I know that it EXISTS and I know that it seems utterly charming and I know that a lot of people with excellent taste love it and that I really ought to be watching it, and I’ve seen some clips, but yeah, I don’t watch it.

But as I’m sure some people have noticed, I’ve still been reblogging some stuff related to it recently- specifically, I’ve been reblogging stuff about the two ladies getting shipped all over the place. Marceline and Bubblegum, isn’t it?

I swear I’m going somewhere with this, but to meander over to one side for a moment, I’ve been seeing some posts around whining about this. Saying it’s ‘pandering’, saying it’s ‘creepy’ or ‘gross’ in a show for kids, saying it’s ‘overreacting’ and all sorts of shit. Expressing confusion at why people care so much. Tutting over those weird shippers.

Except this shit isn’t about shipping. As is evidenced by my caring despite not watching and therefore not specifically shipping it. Now, would anyone who wants to detract from this like to know why I care at all if that’s the case? If I don’t watch it, why I’m still on about it?

Well in order to do that, I need to tell you a story. Trigger warning for some nasty sexist language, by the way.

This story has to start with the fact that I am queer, and I am a lady. I have known I was queer since I was ten or eleven. And you know what else I have known since I was ten or eleven? That I am considered not fit to be around children. You see, I’m a dirty lesbo, and at the time I identified as bisexual (and people who don’t understand my actual orientation still call me that, so yeah) which made ten year old me a dirty slut. We can’t have kids exposed to people like me. I repeat: at ten or eleven I was aware I was considered too sexual to be around my own fucking age group. Now straight up, I never bought into it, personally. I knew it was bull because I had been so badly bullied at this stage that when something was common opinion I dismissed it automatically as a defense mechanism. But the fact remains, people were implying this about me, even if they didn’t realize it because I was passively closeted until I was fourteen.

And you know, this is something that was reinforced pretty strongly in the media. Ever noticed how there’s almost never anything in our media for kids with queerness in it? Interestingly, there are a few notable due to their rarity examples here in the UK (a couple Very Special Episodes, and one show that gets away with whatever it wants and is known for pulling all sorts as a result) that defy this a little, but we actually import a lot of the stuff for the young kids from the US and other places and we still get hit with this as a result:

Kids aren’t allowed to see queer people because it’s Just Not Appropriate.

That implicitly says, we’re dirty, we’re obscene in a way heterosexual people aren’t. A lady kissing a man is OK for children but a lady kissing a lady isn’t and what does that say? It says we’re inappropriate for kids. Because we’re sexual and we’re corrupting them and god, do you fucking get it now?

The Adventure Time thing is important because if ANYTHING comes of it, if a single fucking thing comes of it then that gets blown out of the water for kids like me. Suddenly you have this show and it says “no. that’s bullshit. kids can watch you because there’s nothing corrupting or wrong about you.”

People are calling this ‘pandering to fans’. Well I’m not a fan and I still fucking want this. People are calling this ‘perverse’ and yeah, thanks for calling my ten year old self perverse, fucker, because don’t try and pretend you’d object to heterosexual romance the same way. People are saying that fans are caring too much about shipping and it’s just, oh my god, what the fuck does this have to do with shipping?

There is a chance for something so fucking groundbreaking to maybe, just maybe, start up here. And people are looking at it, and because they have never in their entire fucking lives had to think of the issues where the ground is maybe about to be broken, they’re not even noticing them and they’re making it about shipping.

If you look at this, and you think ‘shipping’, and you think it’s those over obsessed fans being waaaay too invested in their OTP and being delusional about it, it’s you that’s fucking delusional, because it’s you who I’m willing to bet is so goddamn entrenched in your privilege that you’ve never once had to fucking think of it as anything more important.

And you know what?

If you think that the way you ship and what you enjoy watching as a ship is more important than any of the above, if you think that it’d be nice and all if we promoted tolerance and acceptance to kids but you just don’t think they’re a good pairing so can’t we do it some other time, you are a selfish arsehole and you are in no way an ally to me.

So yeah.

I have feelings about a show I’ve never watched.

Wanna call it pandering to the fans now?

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